Let's Run Away
She's like a flower in
a dying field...
I'm Felicia

I like band tees and chocolate

Thigh crowns and flower gaps >>

let's run away together

My flower crown I got for a dress up party :)
OK I wanna take some time to acknowledge the most wonderful person that has ever come into my life; Michaela. I know some of you (or many of you idk) may know her. Her blogs are v0dkapizza and qualitymocha. But that’s not really important.  sorry that this is going to get long but this is really important to me so if you read this thank you so much and i love you!  I’ve known Michaela for three or four years but I only just really got to know her back in december. And i can honestly say that she is one of the greatest people that I have ever met. At first i didn’t actually like her (OOPS DON’T TELL) because she seemed really rude online, but she’s just one of those sarcastic people. And she never actually says anything thats extrememly offensive like most sarcastic people; she knows where to draw the line.  we had a meet up back in january where we met for the first time and she’s even nicer in person! and she goes through so much at home and with her health and it just amazes me every day that she is so strong-willed and she is literally always smiling. I won’t go into details about her personal health or problems, but I will say that if you don’t get to know her you’d never guess it. She’s that strong.  in the past few months Michaela has helped me a lot! She’s been there to help me overcome so much even when others turned me down or told me that I couldn’t accomplish something.  AND OK I KEEP GOING ON AND ON AND NO ONE IS EVEN GOING TO READ THIS BUT I JUST WANTED ACKNOWLEDGE THIS AMAZING PERSON AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT HER!  Michaela I love you so much and I can’t imagine my life without you now. I suggest that everyone talk to her, if even only once or twice, honestly you won’t regret it!


asdfghjkl i want to be you

you are so perfect holy cow moo

dont change the source if this gets notes


favorite picture on tumblr

rachael likes da dick

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Michaela’s eye is so beautiful i wish i had blue eyes